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The White Crow 

Showtime:  Wednesday, October 16th 

Time:  127 Minutes

Genre:  Drama, biography 

Rating: R

Adapted from Julie Kavanaugh’s acclaimed biography of Rudolf Nureyev, this film focuses on the early life of the legendary Russian ballet dancer. During his first trip to Paris (which is also his first trip out of Russia), Nureyev (Oleg Ivenko), a young and rising star in the Kirov Opera Ballet Company, is enthralled by the artistic freedom (traditionally withheld from performers in Russia) and the vibrant nightlife that the city has to offer. Considered a white crow (the Russian equivalent of a black sheep) by his peers, fearless Rudi soars beyond the conventional gender roles and morals of other Soviet dancers. Ultimately the white crow spreads his wings as far as he can, leaving behind his own family and his Russian colleagues. At 23, Rudi defects to the West. By engaging in a fast paced and complicated dance with the ever-vigilant KGB, Rudi outwits and outmaneuvers its agents. In a dramatic finale at Le Bourget Airport in Paris, the white crow lifts off to land an extraordinary dance career in the West.  What elevates this compelling story of Nureyev’s freedom flight is actor/director Ralph Fiennes’ clever cinematic choreography that strikes a rare yet perfect balance between artistry and intrigue. Find a comfortable perch and come watch young Rudi take to the air!

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