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Showtime:  Wednesday, September 25th 

Time:  109 Minutes

Genre:  Drama, romance (subtitled) 

Rating: PG13

To satisfy his grandmother Dadi’s (Farrukh Jaffar) demand that he find a suitable girl to marry, middle-aged Mumbai street photographer Rafi (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) sends her a photograph of a tourist, a young accounting student Miloni (SanyaMalhotra) whom he passes off as his girlfriend. The plot heats up when grandma is so pleased by her grandson’s new marital prospect, she insists on coming to meet the girl in person. Now Rafi and Miloni, strangers to one another, collude to create a convincing persona and backstory to support the photograph of Rafi’s “girlfriend”.  Ironically, slowly and surely as they develop and follow through on the ruse, a real romance blooms between the two of them. What was initially merely a snapshot, the spontaneous taking of a likeness to serve as a travel souvenir, magically develops into a photograph, an image to which varying personal histories, feelings and ambitions can be ascribed, depending on the inclinations of the viewer. The magic of writer/director Ritesh Batra’s film, Photographis that it also functions much like Rafi’s photograph inviting its viewer to make discerning interpretive investment for deeper artistic enrichment.

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